Double Digital Billboard

About Our Location:

The intersection where this Double Digital Billboard is located may be one of the only complete ‘crossings’ of two roads that span border to border and if so, confirms what a superb location it is to reach the maximum amount of drivers and their passengers. See map and photos. The structure as you will see in the attached photos is situated on a hill next to a railroad track and stands above the trains as they pass through town coming Southwest on Hwy 84 and is quite tall enough to be seen coming North and South on Hwy 341, near and through the intersection. Currently, Signatronics owns one location with this Double Digital Billboard very suitably and aggressively positioned.

Billboard Traffic:

The location boasts the highest traffic count in Wayne County. DOT count (2/14/20)


Wayne County has a population of approximately 30,000 people. The City of Jesup has a population of approximately 10,000 people. This location (both sides) effectively reaches Wayne County, surrounding counties, and pass-through traffic.

HighwayDirectionLocationDaily Traffic CountDaily Effective Reach**
(based on 1.5 adults per vehicle)
Hwy 84East FacingJust East of Board19,90029,850
Hwy 84West FacingJust West of Board16,30024,450
Hwy 341West FacingJust Above Intersection11,80017,700
Hwy 341West FacingJust Below Intersection11,00016,500


  • Variety of advertising packages to suit your needs. Highly effective CPM!
  • Both sides of the board are Digital – advertise on both sides or one.
  • In-house graphic artists or prepared designs welcome if they meet our criteria. Specs: 1104 x 402 min 300 dpi
  • Multiple terms are available, however longer terms lock in the lowest rates.
  • The only digital billboards in Jesup and Wayne County


The board(s) are located on Hwy 25 (US 84) 440 ft from Mile Marker 16, just off of Hwy 341 (Golden Isles Parkway) across from Sybil’s Family Restaurant.