Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising


Our Double Digital Billboard is located next to the highest traffic count in Wayne County, on Hwy 84, next to the intersection with Hwy 341 purported to be the only place where two roads intersect that run border to border in each direction.

17,800 cars per day!


Digital Billboards Engage Consumers and Drive Action

62% of consumers noticed digital billboards in the past month.

50% of digital billboard viewers notice them “all” or “most”of the time.

65% of viewers engaged in actions after seeing a digital billboard ad such as searching for an advertiser or visiting their website, visiting the store or restaurant, and visiting or posting to social media.

52% of viewers engaged in mobile device actions after seeing a digital billboard ad such as searched for/visited an advertiser website, scanned QR code or, used SMS/ URL/hashtag, downloaded/ used app, accessed discount offer, or made a purchase.

52% Noticed DIGITAL BILLBOARDS that gave directions to a business

57% Immediately visited a business after exposure to a DIGITAL BILLBOARD ad.

93% Made a purchase after visiting the business.

Source: OAAA / Nielsen

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